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Ashwini Homoeopathy Cancer Care Center

Homoeopathy provides a alternative to chemotherapy. Homeopathy improves quality of life. Doctors at Ashwini Homoeopathy strive to their maximum capacity to give possible curative, preventive, palliative Cancer Care to our patients.

**Disclaimer : Depending on body compositions results might vary person to person.

What is Cancer?

  • It’s a myth that it is a disease. It is just a reaction to the irreparable changes that takes place in cell production in our body.
  • Normally in our body 1 cell produces 2 new cells, but when this production is disturbed, where 1 cell produces more than 2 cells in a time, which cannot be controlled we term such a process as Cancer. Uncontrollable and Overproduction of Abnormal cells.
  • This abnormal production of cells thus disturb the normal functioning of the body giving rise to multiple complaints.

Homoeopathic role:

  • In Homoeopathy its Prime importance is to know WHY and WHAT in particular person has led him to suffer from a disease, be it from Cough and cold to Cancer.
  • This can be known by knowing the personality of a person like Angry personality, Impressionable, Offended easily, depressed, Emotional personality, selfish, overambitious, Anxious, nervous personality etc.
  • Medicines given are similar to the personality of the person thus rendering better cure and control.
  • Homoeopathic medicines can be given along with Chemo Therapy and radiotherapy
  • Infact it has been found and proved that With Homoeopathic medicines side effects of Chemo and radio are decreased to much an extent thus allowing affected person to lead a better life ahead.
  • Cancer patients under chemo therapy have persistent side effects of severe Nausea, vomiting, Numbness of Hands and legs and Weakness. With homoeopathic medicines all these complaints are taken care.
  • It increases the overall immunity of the person thus helping to fight, control and cure disease.
  • Medicines are Light On Pockets as compared to the cost at each and every step of treating Cancer.

Cancer Care in homeopathy can be classified in 5 stages.

  • Localized First Stage: - In such cases results are excellent and we can expect significant Cure.
  • Lymph nodes Involvement Second Stage: - With aggressive line of treatment given to the patients.
  • Third and Fourth Stage :- Spread to different systems and organs
  • Fifth or terminal: - Wide spread metastasis major organ involvements like Liver, Lungs, Brain, Bone marrow :- palliative care and pain relief.


Paediatric Care


our doctors

Dr. Abhay Patil

Secured BHMS degree from Bombay
University in the year 1993

Ashwini Homoeopathic clinic was established in the year 1994 by Dr Abhay Patil

Worked under Dr Praful Barvalia and Dr Prafull Vijayakar, both eminent personalities in the field of Classical Homoeopathic Medicine, while undertaking this professional education during the period 1992 to 1994.Further participated in clinical analysis with Dr Rajan Shankaran, to prove the remedial effects of Homoeopathic medicine.

Dr. Mona Patil

Passed BHMS in 1995 from Pune University .

Has worked as a assistant to Dr Amol Mokashi. Practicing since 10 yrs and specilaises in endometriois and female disorders. Has high proficiency in interacting with patients and recording their physical, mental, psychological and emotional details required for appropriate analysis so as to deduce the correct Homoeopathic remedy.

From 1996 to 2007 has documented and created a data base of about 2000 female patients. These patients are are from all parts of country and out side India

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